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Welcoming your new born child into your family is a euphoric moment. You’ve carried your baby (or babies!) for nine months and your precious bundle needs to be officially brought into the family. A naming ceremony is a fantastic way to recognise this, we can work together to create a bespoke ceremony for your child.


You may have other children that you would like to be involved in the ceremony or you may have special individuals that mean a lot to you in your life that would like to welcome as ‘Supporting Adults’.

How is a baby naming ceremony structured?

The way in which I structure a naming ceremony is as follows, however, this is a basic structure that you may feel free to add or remove parts:

  • Entrance – The entrance of the child/ren we are holding the naming ceremony for, with music

  • Opening words 

  • Naming Ceremony

  • Blessing for the Supporting Adults

  • Hymns/Prayers/Readings

  • Exit with music


There are special mini ceremonies that you can add as part of your day, here are some ideas:


  • Planting a tree

  • Candle lighting

  • Receiving of a family crest/heirloom


At the end of the ceremony I will present you with a Naming Day certificate. A naming day means that each year you can celebrate your child. 

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Baby Naming

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