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About me!

Welcome to Beautifully Taylored Ceremonies, firstly, thank you for visiting my website. I guess I should start by telling you my name and how I chose my business name!


My father chose my name when I was born: Beaulieu-Taylor. Naming me after Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla’s middle name and driving through the New Forest following a holiday to Bournemouth he was set on calling me Beaulieu. If I was a boy they were going to call me Taylor, hence why he double barrelled my first name. I am grateful that he did because it has allowed me to play on my name and put it into my business brand. How you may ask? In French, Beaulieu means ‘beautiful place’.


One of the main parts of my role as a celebrant is to ’Tailor’ the ceremony…  Beautifully Taylored Ceremonies! 


I have had a varied career to this point, working within the medical field, retail and spent the last 8 years working in Financial Institutions. However, I’ve always wanted to own a business, been passionate about helping/supporting others and I’m not shy to walk in a room and talk to anyone - becoming a Celebrant is the best career move I have ever made! I have such passion, energy, a fresh approach and new ideas, elements of me which I hope comes through in my website but also in my delivery as a Celebrant. 

So, some fun facts about me!

I am a lover of animals, my little Pomeranian, Narla has spent many nights awake with me until the twilight hours writing material

I am an adrenaline junkie! 9 years ago I travelled to Mexico with 3 of my girlfriends and swam with 15 foot Whale Sharks in such dark waters I couldn’t see my hand more than 30cm in front of my face!

People are everything to me. I take a real interest in getting to know anyone I meet and enjoy learning about their lives, especially when my elders tell me such fantastic stories

I am great at making cocktails! My favourite would have to be ‘Beau’s Baileys and Biscuit Martini’ 


Now that we have briefly met through cyber, it would be my absolute pleasure to speak with you on the telephone or even via FaceTime to have the honour of writing, creating and designing your ceremony. 

Ceremonies that I offer...


Vow Renewal

Promise Ceremony


Disbursement of Ashes

Pet Funerals

Child Naming

Gender Reveal

Gender Reassignment Ceremonies

If there is a personal ceremony not listed that you would like me to create with you, I am more than happy to do so.

Building the Brand

How did you choose the career to become a celebrant you may think?! I am very fortunate to be close to my mum, Karen. Unfortunately in May 2020, our beloved Uncle Ronnie passed away and he was based in Australia. Mum liaised with the celebrant, funeral director and nursing home from the UK, whilst my brother, father and I wrote eulogies. It was such a wonderful send off for a man we loved dearly, our Celebrant was fantastic, it was seamless. Mum then mentioned to me about thinking of this career choice and I started to research how to become a celebrant. I enrolled with the Institution of Professional Celebrants for October 2020, and booked to spend the week in the Malvern Hills with the most amazing tutors - Stuart, Jacqueline and Nikki. My cohort are so supportive of each other and whilst scattered around the country, we stay in touch daily either updating each other on bookings or sharing articles and information. 


Creativity, time management, motivation - the three ingredients to start the blend of writing your ceremony. 


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