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From the minute the lines turn blue on your pregnancy test, the feelings of elation, excitement and nerves will start. CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!

Traditionally, couples did not find out whether they were having ‘blue’ or ‘pink’ until recent times. Now we have another excuse instead of, or as well as a baby shower to celebrate your pending arrival! Gender reveal parties are fantastic for gathering together your excited loved ones to find out at the same time whether you will be having a boy or girl (or potentially both if you’re having twins!) – and one the men can attend also!

As well as being your Celebrant on the day to host your gender reveal, I can help you plan your special event.

What Happens at a gender reveal party?


Gender Reveals

1. The couple will have had a scan and the result of the sex will usually be given to them in an envelope – which they pass to me!

2. How we plan to reveal the sex is up to the couple – the list is endless! Colour cannons, fireworks, a cake, balloon arch….. however creative or low key you would like to get!

3. Before the day, I will have written some beautifully taylored wording for a small ceremony before we reveal

4. Following the announcement, the party will start!

I will commit to:

1. Hosting a facetime or physical meeting to get to know the couple and their requirements

2. Supporting you with arranging and planning the venue, catering, music, themes and invites

3. Create and design a bespoke written reveal ceremony

4. Arrive at the venue to complete checks before the ceremony at least two hours before the event 


If you would rather have me as the celebrant only this is no issue and there is a separate cost for this. Contact me today, to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote for your gender reveal ceremony.

What is my role within this celebration?

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